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If you are visiting my site, you are either considering permanent makeup, needing a touch-up or modification to an existing permanent makeup site, or one of my other services.  The method I use  to apply permanent makeup is the Softap® hand method.  It is important to not only choose a certified technician, but to choose one who can demonstrate their artistic abilities with an extensive client portfolio.  I have hundreds of photos for viewing in my office during consultation.  Being certified alone does not mean you have an artistic talent.  Certification, years of exerpience and price are important, but the artisitic talent should be a major deciding factor.   It is also important they have received Blood Borne Pathogen training  and certification.


Hundreds of women underestimate the artistry that is required to perform acceptable permanent makeup.  Permanent makeup is an art and a science. It is imperative to use the appropriate color and shape for each individual.  Don't look for the cheapest technician when it comes to your face, look for the best!


It is important to me that my clients are comfortable and assured that they have put their trust in the right person. I hope you find my website informative, as well as user-friendly. I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have.  Contact me for a free consultation.


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