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Types of Lashes

Classic Set

A Classic Set of lashes adds one individual lash to each individual lash. This gives the client that mascara look with a little extra. This type of set will add length and curl to your lashes, but only you will know your little secret. Looking for something extra natural? Try a brown set of classic lashes! This gives the lashes the appearance of natural lashes while adding that curl and length you've always wanted. Trinity loves doing brown lashes on mature clients or clients with fair skin. She promises you've never seen such natural lash extensions as these!

Hybrid Set

Hybrid Lashes are one of the most popular sets of lashes that Trinity does. These lashes give you all the benefits of the Classic lashes with a little bit more those of us who don't have as much to work with naturally. 40%-60% of the natural lashes have one individual lashes per lash, and the remaining lashes are filled in with what's called fans or sometimes called clusters. This is multiple lashes of a lighter weight that are glued together in a fan like shape  then applied to the natural lash to create more volume in areas we might not have it.

Volume Set

Volume Lash Sets are for those beauty junkies who want to wake up every morning ready to slay the day. This type of set is fan lashes applied to every individual lash the add the ultimate volume to your lashes. Trinity always puts the integrity of your lashes first, therefore she will not do mega-volume sets or attach fans with too heavy of a weight for your natural lashes. Any artist who does so is not looking out for your lashes well-being. Too heavy of a weight on your lashes will cause traction alopecia and can cause permanent damage.


When it comes to lash extensions, Trinity's number one concern is for the integrity of your natural lashes. That is why Trinity prides herself in providing the best quality lash products on the market to her clients. The lash glue used is made locally in Colorado Springs, this is important because lash glue is very particular to the climate it is created for. If a lash artist buys cheap glue from out of country or out of state it may not be correct for the conditions you live in, which will not provide your lashes with excellent retention and can cause damage to your natural lashes. Trinity also only uses medical grade, latex free glue, this is imperative, as other glues on the market that are cosmetic grade are not as pure and have many foreign byproducts in them which can cause eye irritation and lash damage. That is why choosing a quality lash artist that uses quality products is important. The difference is incomparable!

Quality Matters

Touch-Ups, which are also called fills on your lashes are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks, that is because we on average lose about 3 to 5 lashes per day, just like we lose hairs on our head. We on average have anywhere from 90-150 per eye. How often you come in for fills depends on your lash growth cycle and how well you take care of your lashes. There are certain tips and tricks Trinity will provide you with on the day of your new set to promote the best lash retention.

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