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Lip Service

Enhancing your lips with permanent cosmetic color is way to subtly improve color, shape, and create a polished look that lasts for an average of 3-5 years with minimal touch-ups needed.


If this long-term solution appeals to you, check out our gallery or book your consultation here.

What can permanent lip cosmetics do for your lips?

Permanent Lip Blushing can enhance the size, shape, and evenness of pigment and tone with lasting results knocking out that expensive and continuous need for filler. Trinity holds permanent makeup licensing and certifications with over a decade of experience, so you can smile knowing you're in good hands! Permanent lip color is essentially a gentle technique and the results can help achieve results you want. 

  • Enhance/deepen lip color

  • Enhance lip shape

  • Even out and fill-in natural lip pigmentation

  • Cosmetically camouflage signs of ageing

Permanent Makeup for Lips

As we age, lip color and definition may fade. Particularly, the color in the vermillion border can significantly fade and leave your lips looking less full and uneven. If you struggle with the thought that your lips are disappearing, book your lip service now!


 Lip blushing is a very beautiful enhancement you'll wish you had done sooner. This service offers subtle definition while maintaining kissable lips that don't rub off. Wake up fresh and ready to go taking one less thing out of your daily routine with a little lip-boosting artistry done by Trinity.

Is this service right for you?

  • Natural OR Bold

  • Lip Border Definition

  • Full Lip Coloring/Shading

  • Correct Natural Fading & Uneven Color

SofTap Certified

Trinity uses high quality equipment and permanent pigments, which means your results should be lasting with quality results. Prior to your appointment, be sure to connect with Trinity for your free consultation, and check out our gallery of before and afters, review our FAQs and be sure to ask us anything! Trinity is passionate about delivering the results you want with the best care and attention to detail within the permanent makeup industry.

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