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Permanent Eyeliner is perfect for anyone who struggles with eyeliner application, or simply wants to wake-up feeling put together already. The use of cosmetic colorants instead of tattoo pigments, and the use of hand method instead of machine, results in the most natural permanent eyeliner you've ever dreamed of. 

A Beautiful Lash Enhancement

This service is by far one of the most gentle services. Most all clients report they couldn't feel a single thing throughout their procedure, and it was over in the blink of an eye! This fun service can go deep within the lash line to fill in those gaps you never could quite reach with that pencil. We can range the thickness of the line to your personal preference and always do what will be best to accentuate your natural beauty. We highly recommend natural enhancements always, since you can always add a little more for a fun night out but if your someone who knows what you want by all means let's make it happen! The best part is its sweatproof and waterproof!





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