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Frequently Asked Questions



What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is applied using a Mircopigmentation technique using cosmetic colorants in order to achieve a long lasting makeup look. Trinity uses a hand method technique that is more gentle and creates a more natural look compared to other methods on the market.

What are the benefits of permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is an aesthetic boost that can help you achieve a certain cosmetic goal with the added benefit of adding an element of “woke up like this” polish. After your investment in permanent makeup and the initial healing process, you can rest easy knowing you can live your best life with less mess and no more morning fuss.


How do I make an appointment for permanent makeup?

Booking an appointment with your makeup artist shouldn’t be a hassle! That’s why we offer fast and easing option to book with us through our Book Now feature, as well as the option to Contact Us, connect and schedule with the help of Trinity and our friendly team at All About Tangles salon.


How should I prepare for my permanent makeup appointment?

Trinity will cover the specifics of your individualized preparation plan in your initial consultation and intake. Generally speaking, though, avoid caffeine and alcohol in the 24 hours before your procedure and try to get a good night of sleep. Come with a clean face and make sure you’re feeling well-rested and healthy for your appointment.


What does after-care look like with permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup aftercare is essential to ensure the best results and longest lasting color. Immediately following the procedure, an ointment should be applied for 4-7 days to protect the area and aid in healing. During this time, the permanent makeup will go from too dark to too light to just right, as the dark layer will exfoliate off on its own. Avoid swimming, sun exposure, saunas, and intense exercise for at least 14 days following the procedure. Your technician will provide detailed aftercare instructions on the day of your appointment, as these instructions may vary slightly depending on the procedure.

What method of permanent makeup does Trinity practice?

Trinity practices the hand method, which is a more artisanal and natural approach to cosmetic tattooing than its popular counterpart, the machine method. Permanent Cosmetics applied using the hand method is the most gentle form of permanent makeup application. This method can give you the most undetectable permanent makeup the market has to offer. A popular form of application. machine method, or mircoblading is known to cause scar tissue, pigments ashing out, and irreparable damage to this skin. That is why trinity practices with the hand method to give you top of the line permanent makeup that is the healthiest option for your skin.



What are the benefits of lash extensions?

Lash extensions offer a ready-to-go, woke-up-like this element to your face. Many women find they wear less makeup after getting lashes because the effect is generally a boost of confidence and feeling that your eyes pop just enough to give you that sense of confident readiness to take on the day. Plus, full-face makeup looks suddenly take much less time and obtain a higher level of efficiency without the picky, tricky nature of mascara, lash strips, and other complicated DIY lash systems.

What does ongoing lash care look like?


Ongoing lash care is important for keeping your lash extensions looking their best. Regular maintenance and care will help keep them looking full, healthy and beautiful. To ensure your lash extensions last as long as possible, be sure to follow these steps:

1. Avoid oil-based products near your lashes. Oil-based cleansers, moisturizers and makeup removers can break down the adhesive used to apply the lash extensions, causing them to fall out prematurely.

2. Brush your lashes daily with a soft lash brush. This helps keep them fanned out and separated to maintain their shape.

3. Regularly clean your lashes with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. This will help remove any oils, dirt and makeup that can cause your lash extensions to look dull and weighed down.

4. Avoid rubbing or pulling on the lashes. This can cause damage to your natural lashes as well as the lash extensions.

5. Visit Trinity, your professional lash technician, regularly for touch-ups. This will keep your lash extensions looking full and fresh.

By following these steps, you can ensure your lash extensions remain beautiful and healthy.

What should I do on the day of my lash appointment?


Don’t wear contacts (but if you do, Trinity’s Divinity provides contact lens cases and solutions for your convenience). Don’t wear heavy eye make-up the day of your appointment, and come in clothing you’ll feel comfortable reclining in for about an hour. Do plan your self-care and hygiene around your appointment, as optimal lash retention recommends you avoid water for about 24 hours after application.


What should I do after my lash appointment?

avoid steam,
dont use mascara,
dont use an eyelash curler

After your lash appointment, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the longevity of your lash extensions. It's important to avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after your appointment to allow the glue to properly dry. Additionally, avoid steam, such as saunas and steam rooms, and refrain from using mascara and eyelash curlers on your extensions. With proper care, your lashes will look beautiful for weeks.


Are lash extensions safe?

Yes, lash extensions are safe when done professionally by a certified lash technician. We use medical-grade glue that is latex-free and we make every effort to curate our product and supply choices with health and safety, and the integrity of your lashes at the forefront of consideration.

We love to bring out the best for every client.

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When should I start worrying about caring for my aging skin?


It's never too early to start taking care of your skin. As soon as you hit your twenties, it's important to start incorporating anti-aging products into your skincare routine. As you age, your skin will become more prone to wrinkles, dryness, and sun damage, so it's important to take proactive steps to protect your skin. Look for products with antioxidants, retinol, and hyaluronic acid to help reduce the signs of aging. Additionally, make sure to wear sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days, to help protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

What are the first signs of aging?


The first signs of aging vary from person to person, but fine lines and age spots are often the first visible signs. However, invisible markers of age tend to begin brewing beneath the surface (dermis) even in your 20’s, so it’s a good idea to start considering your skincare routine early on.


How do I combat signs of age?

Consider minimizing your exposure to the sun, use an SPF to protect yourself from harmful UV Rays, and commit to a skincare routine that works for you and your lifestyle. Speak with your esthetician about your unique and individual needs in finding the right products to complement your skin-type and help leverage your results.

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We love to bring out the best for every client.

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What are the benefits of a professional facial treatment?

A professional facial allows your skincare to be concentrated in an hour of focused professional effort to bring intensively concentrated energy toward improving your skin. Whatever your skin goals, a professional spa facial is a relaxing way tohydrate and moisturize your skin, target problem spots like sun damage and natural spots from aging, as well as exfoliate, moisturize, and pamper your skin with cosmetic products that are professional-grade and administered with the knowledge and skill of a licensed esthetician.


How can a professional esthetician help me?

Whether it’s anti-aging or anti-blemish–or something else entirely–esthetics can target problem areas and help you meet your skincare goals by using various products and methods to regularly help your skin achieve a renewed state of super clean, ultra-hydrated, and gorgeously glowing.


Can an esthetician help me with my daily skincare routine?

A licensed esthetician can often recognize your skin struggles and potentially suggest a root cause or consideration to solve the problem and overcome your struggle. Your esthetician is not a doctor or a dermatologist–but your esthetician can recommend products, routines and regimens, and make valuable suggestions based on their understanding of skin and education in esthetics. 

We love to bring out the best for every client.

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