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Things you need to know before scheduling an appointment



2.  I do not work on pregnant or nursing women.


3.  I will not be able to perform permanent makeup on you if you have mitral valve prolapse.


4.  If you have a thyroid condition and are on thyroid medications, this condition may require multiple sessions to obtain the desired color and pigment uptake. (Although I have many of my clients who have had great luck with my method of permanent cosmetics).


5.  If you have insulin dependent diabetes, I will not be able to perform permanent cosmetics on you, as you are subject to infection and delayed healing. 


6.  If you are required to be on a prophylactic antibiotic before any procedures, such as dental work, you will need a letter of clearance from your physician. 


7.  If you have extremely dry and flaky skin, it is recommended you see a dermatologist or a skin care specialist for a facial and possible skin care products to get your skin in better condition before having permanent cosmetics performed.  If your skin is dry, when your skin naturally exfoliates, it will take the pigment with it. 


8. You must be off Accutane for 1 year prior to your appointment.  


9.   No chemical peels 60 days prior to your appointment and 60 days after your appointment. If you get chemical peels frequently, this could fade your permanent cosmetics prematurely as the chemicals travel under the skin. 


10.  IF YOU ARE NOT MY CLIENT, IT IS NOT CONSIDERED A TOUCH UP.  If you have had your brows or eyeliner tattooed previously by someone other than me, you are considered a NEW client.  It is more challenging to work over someone else's work.  I take time to make sure your brows are properly shaped, are symmetrical and are the correct color for your skin tone.  Skin that has other pigments or inks applied typically have scar tissue, which is another issue making it hard to penetrate and get the color to uptake (this also applies to eyeliner).  All new clients are done in two appointments.  Previously tattooed permanent makeup, could require multiple sessions (additional fees) and there is also a chance the color will not take at all.  


11.  Sun exposure, oily skin, dry skin, anti-aging products, Retinol products, chemical peels, exfoliation products, medications and the natural aging process fade your permanent cosmetics. Other than the natural aging process, please avoid the area and use of the products and exposures as much as possible.


12.  REMEMBER, no two sides of your face are the same.  As much as I try to get your brows to match, I CANNOT get them perfect.  I do not use stencils, as I feel stencils make your brows look unnatural.  I'm sure by now you have looked through my gallery and have seen the beautiful eyebrows I have done.   If you are expecting perfection and a completely solid look, this method is not for you.  The word "PERFECT" is not used in the Permanent Makeup industry.  You may still need to powder or even pencil in your brows even after the healed results.  When dealing with skin, nothing will be perfect.  Sisters NOT twins is a universal term used in this field.


13.  ABSOLUTELY NO SUN EXPOSURE 30 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT! Tan skin will not accept pigment well. 



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