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Things you need to do before your appointment day




2.   Absolutely NO sun exposure or tan skin 30 days prior to your appointment.  The pigment will not hold very well  and the color will heal ashy.  If we are doing hairstrokes, they will not heal to a nice hair-look.  It will heal blurred.  Avoid sun for at least 30 days after your procedure.  Sun is the No.1 enemy to your permanent makeup! It will make it fade very fast! Always keep your permanent makeup investment protected! 


3.  No Botox at least 2 months prior to your appointment. 


4.  Avoid caffeine the morning of your appointment. 


5. Avoid alcohol the night prior to your appointment. 


6. You must be OFF all Retinols or Retin-A products 30 days prior to your appointment.  You may resume your products 30 days after your procedure, however, Retinol products WILL fade your brows prematurely, so if possible, keep them away from your permanent cosmetics. 


7.  If you wax your brows currently, they must be waxed at least 72 hours prior to your appointment. 


8. Avoid exercising before your appointment. 


9.  For eyeliner, remove mascara prior to your appointment, preferably with an oil-free product.  Also remove contacts if worn. 

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