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1.)  REMEMBER, no two sides of your face are the same.  As much as I try to get your brows to match, I CANNOT get them perfect.  I do not use stencils, as I feel stencils make your brows look unnatural.  I'm sure by now you have looked through my gallery and have seen the beautiful eyebrows I have done.   If you are expecting perfection and a completely solid look, this method is not for you.  The word "PERFECT" is not used in the Permanent Makeup industry.  You may still need to powder or even pencil in your brows even after the healed results.  When dealing with skin, nothing will be perfect.  Sisters NOT twins is a universal term used in this field.


2.)  Sun exposure, oily skin, dry skin, anti-aging products, Retinol products, chemical peels, exfoliation products, medications and the natural aging process fade your permanent cosmetics. Other than the natural aging process, please avoid the area and use of the products and exposures as much as possible.


3.) Permanent makeup is supposed to be considered LOW maintenance not NO maintenance. This means yearly touch ups are suggested to improve the longevity of the shape and refresh the color.



      a) If you have very oily skin, the hair strokes will heal to a blurred, almost powder look. 

      b) If your brows have been tattooed previously,and if there is a lot of color still, because of color saturation and scar tissue, hair strokes may not be able to be obtained. The old makeup should be almost completely faded away.  On consultation, I will be able to tell you whether or not you are a candidate for the hair stroke technique. 

      c) If you are a Fitzpatrick scale 3-6 (usually Hispanic or African American), the hair strokes may not be as visible as they are on lighter skin types. 

Permanent Makeup Expectations

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