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Powdered Brows

The Powdered Brow is a personal favorite as well as a client favorite. The Powdered Brow adds the perfect amount of a powdery appearance to the brow area that looks completely natural with or without makeup on. This technique also gives more longevity to your permanent brows only needed touch ups every year to 2 years where as Mircoblading touch ups are required closer to every 4-6 months. This technique is perfect for all skin types and is the most gentle on the skin compared to other methods.

3-D Brows

 A combination of the Powdered Brow and Mircoblading create this elegant brow choice. The Mircoblading adds in fine lines to the brow that resemble hair in the brow and then we add a nice powdery finish behind them for extra fullness. 

Ombre Brows

An Ombre Brow consists of a powdered brow that is darker at the ends of the brow and gradually get lighter as come they in towards the nose for a soft natural  and trendy look.


This the choice for you if you are wanting the most natural-looking brow, whether it is filling in missing areas, needing to add a little thickness or to create a complete full brow. Our eyes are the focal point of our face, which makes it important to have perfectly arched and shaped brows to help frame them.  I custom blend a color to match your skin tone, as well as any natural hair in your brow, and then carefully design and gently glide in place each simulated hair , giving you the most natural look in permanent cosmetics! No one will know you have had it done unless you tell them! Please note that not all skin types are candidates for Microblading. A consultation is required before being able to schedule this service.

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