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Frequently Asked Questions

*Does the SofTap® hand method hurt?

SofTap® is the gentlest method for applying permanent cosmetics.  Most clients say it is more uncomfortable when tweezing their brows! Some of my clients have said they never knew having their brows done would be so relaxing and some have even fallen asleep! Nevertheless, a topical anesthetic is used in all permanent makeup procedures.


*How is it applied?

Color is chosen.  Topical anesthetic is applied.  Design is drawn on and approved by you.  Implement is dipped in pigment of choice and gently tapped into the area of design.  After pigment is implanted, aftercare ointment will be given, along with written and verbal instructions on proper care of your permanent makeup.  You will then return in 3-4 weeks for your included second session to re-enforce color and for any detail work if needed.


*Can a natural look be achieved?

The SofTap® hand method has earned the reputation of being, "The Most Gentle and Natural Look in Permanent Cosmetics".  My goal is to enhance your natural features.   With the SofTap® method, it is easy to avoid harsh, dark and unnatural-looking makeup.  I will custom blend colors to compliment your skin tone and eye color. 


*How long will permanent makeup last?

This varies with each individual person.  I tell my clients to think of their permanent makeup as LOW maintenance not NO maintenance. Your permanent makeup can be affected by sun exposure (#1 enemy), health conditions, medication, and the natural aging process.  The color can last anywhere from 2-5 years, however, it is recommended that you return for a color boost every 1-2 years to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh.  My client yearly touchup fee ranges $150-$200. 


*Is having permanent cosmetics safe?

All of the supplies I use are 100% disposable and never reused.  The pigments are hypoallergenic.  They have been around since 1988 and have had no known documented allergic reaction.


*I just need a touchup  

If you have had your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips previously tattooed by someone other than me, you are a new client.  Clients seem to think it is much easier since they have had their permanent makeup done before.  This is completely the opposite.  It is much more challenging working over someone else's work due to scar tissue, unknown pigment/ink, and number of times tattooed previously, rather than working on fresh skin.  I've had times where clients have booked an appointment for a brow touchup,  they walk in and the brows are uneven, wrong color, or wrong shape for their face.  I take time in making sure each of my clients have the proper shape for their face, correct color for their skin tone and even brows (begin in same area, arch in same area, end in same area).  When brows are faded, they actually need color correction, not just a new color applied over it.  Also the same goes for eyeliner. The color has usually faded and hardly ever is the line even.  This again requires corrective coloring, along with working over scar tissue, and straightening out the line.  Corrective work  could take multiple sessions, usually 2-3, with additional fees for the extra sessions. I do ALOT of corrective work! 


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