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Benefits of Permanent Makeup

The benefits of Permanent Cosmetics are endless and very client-specific. The greatest benefit of permanent cosmetics is it saves time and is waterproof & sweatproof!  Great if you go to the gym, the beach, swim, golf or play tennis!  With permanent makeup you can have confidence in your appearance during any activity.  Maybe even sleep in a little in the morning. It's a great time-saver!


People who have sparse eyebrows can benefit by restoring color and definition.  Full, well-balanced and properly designed eyebrows give a more youthful and attractive appearance.  Clients who suffer from a medical condition called Alopecia can also benefit greatly from this procedure.


Permanent eyeliner can give more definition to the eyes and give the appearance of more eyelashes. People with allergies, problems with unsteady hands (e.g. suffer from Parkinson's) or vision problems can benefit from eyeliner as well. 


Permanent lip border enhancement can resore the color and shape to lips. As we age the color of our skin starts to blend with our lips and they begin to take on a different appearance, lip border enhancement corrects these unwanted signs of aging. It is also great for those who have lip creases/wrinkles which tend to cause lipstick to "run" into the cracks.  Lip Border enhancement builds up the vermillion border of the lips naturally to prevent the lipstick "run".  Those people who have had scarring from congenital cleft lip surgical repair will find this procedure very beneficial to restore lip border shape. 

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