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On the Day of your Appointment

       On your first appointment you can expect the entire process to take anywhere from 2-3 hours. The first appointment is very important and I am through in explaining the entire process from start to finish. I want my client to know exactly what is going to happen and exactly what is going on at any moment during the appointment. I encourage any questions my clients may have at anytime. I feel the more they know about what is going on and what is going to happen the more comfortable they will be with me and the procedure. 

       The first thing we do is before pictures. Having before and after pictures is a wonderful way to see side by side the amazing difference permanent makeup can make. Then we apply a topical anesthetic to the area (timing of the anesthetic application depends on what procedure we are doing). While the anesthetic sits the client will fill out the consent form/health history form. The anesthetic is not generally needed for the brow procedures but I do use it to put my clients more at ease. 

      The next thing we do is color selection. This is where my expertise comes in. We will select a color based on your skin's undertone and what it will do with the the color, and consideration of the color of existing brow hair (if any). I will rub the color above the brow and explain my reasoning for the choice and the expectations of what that color will do once implanted into the skin.

      Once we have selected a color, this is the point, we begin the drawing on process. This is the fun part! You finally get the beautiful brows you've always wanted. No more waking up in the morning and having to spend time drawing them on and wiping them off just to restart again because they aren't even! The draw on process will be done in an upright position. I never draw on eyebrows while lying down, as we all know things hang differently when we are upright...haha! I will not start the actual procedure until you have looked in the mirror and approved of the shape. By now, I am sure you have viewed my portfolio of the eyebrows I have done. You can see that I am very detail oriented and will make sure your brows are properly shaped and symmetrical. I do spend alot of time doing corrective work on clients who have had their brows done by another technician who either skipped this process entirely or did not take the time to assure balance and symmetry, as well as properly shaped brows for the clients face shape.

        After you approve the shape I will have you lay down and we will get started. This part is very comfortable. 8-10 clients fall asleep during the procedure. I play very relaxing music during the procedure time which takes about 45 minutess - 1 hour.  I go over each brow generally 3 times. After the first time I go over the brow I will allow it to oxidize and go work on the other brow. Once the brow has oxidized i may be able to show you what you should expect to heal to. Though this is not always true for every client (it all depends on skin tone and how healthy the skin is).

       After i show you i will finish up the brows and apply a nice thin layer of after care that you will be using for the next 7 days. I will sit you up and let you see the new, younger you. We will take an after picture and i will provide you with an ointment (after care) that you will be using and go over how to properly care for your brows. I will also provide you with written instructions in case you forget any part of what I said. I also encourage you to call me if you have any more questions during the healing process or after.We will schedule your detail session in 4-6 weeks. This will be used to further detail any areas that might have not held color as well as other areas, as well as any other minor details that may be needed.


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